October 21, 2011

one day i'll be sitting in paris....

So Mabel went to the gym.... Woot! Then all she wanted to do was move to Paris and eat loads of bread and butter. Not like thin, prepackaged, lame, North American excuses for bread. But French fatty, homemade, warm, crunchy bread. Yum. One day. 

I am a creature of habit (I think everyone is in there own way...)  I order a tall Americano every morning. I listen the same types of music. I'm drawn to the same passages of scripture, I struggle with the same sins over and over. I love change and new things, but I also have some non-negotiable things I "couldn't live without". I love things on my terms and in my timing. But the Lord knows what I need. He's always faithful to bring that person or situation into my life at just the right time to shakes up my world and causes me to be totally dependent on Him. Throwing me into one of those seasons where I need my Savior more.

Scotty Smith hit it out of the park a few days ago with this prayer. So I just want to echo it...

[How thankful we are, there’s One part of our lives that will never change, and that’s you, Jesus. You are the same yesterday, today and forever. That doesn’t make you static or predictable, and far less so, manageable. But it does mean that we can entrust our hearts to you without reservation. In fact, it’s only in knowing you, Jesus, that all change is put into perspective.

The most fundamental change we need is to become like you, and that process is the most disruptive and painful change we will ever go through. Yet with the knowledge that one Day we’ll be as lovely and as loving as you, we gladly surrender to the work of the gospel in our lives.

Likewise, Jesus, the better we know you, the more we come alive to your promise to make all things new. Change has no sovereignty. Nothing is random in this world. Not one thing catches you off guard. The scary becomes the sacred when we’re wearing the lens of the gospel.]

Jesus Christ is the same yesterday and today and forever. Hebrews 13:8

Lord I know my temptation is to flee. It's easier then doing the work. It's less scary then facing change. Preparation for change is daunting  and walking through a season of uncertainty is draining. I don't want to wish this away . This is a time for growing, like Scotty prayed. I'm so comforted by your word and the fact that none of "this" is catching you off guard. So Father, help me say thank you for change. Thank you for the grace you will provide to embrace and endure. Thank you for leading me through seasons of uncertainty with complete certainty. Thank you for the things in my life that push me closer to you, that make me need you.   


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  1. i love that prayer.. and im really liking ur blog : )