July 29, 2013

You need only be still.

This week marks a year from when I sold pretty much everything I owned, bought a one way plane ticket and headed to the East Coast.

I was arriving with a plan, I had a place to live, a network of friends, a possible job opportunity and quite simply put, a future. Skipping ahead a bit in the story...I'm not typing this from my cozy basement in Maryland. I'm writing this from my home, my original home, the one I was so eager to leave just 12 months ago.

I'll never understand why God pursues us? Why he so patiently watches as we sloppily live out the narrative he's so carefully written. Why he meets us in our needs, and stoops to draw us back to himself. After a year of mistakes, hard conversations, and many tears the Father broke in and redeemed it. Not just parts of it, all of it. He's turned hopelessness into faith and bitterness into thankfulness. Where there is still sometimes a wrestle with doubt and anxiousness he faithfully whispers peace. I know that we will walk through dark seasons, and valley's, but I know I can look to this year and say, 'He was faithful, he will be again.'

A couple months ago I would have told you I wanted to just forget about it all. If there was a magic delete button I would have pushed it. But I'm learning, ever so slowly, that this whole crazy story wasn't about me all along. It was for my good, and for His Glory. I didn't need a delete button, I needed a Saviour. 

I guess I just want to shout at every hurting soul, every faithless wanderer, every tired overachiever and most loudly to my own heart that Jesus is enough for you today, tomorrow and everyday after that. He forgives you, he loves you, he pursues you, he will lead and guide you. You need only be still.