July 4, 2014

Just call me legalistic….sans the Beck concert.

 Sometimes the Lord smacks you upside the head. A solid backhand slap. I've heard super-christians call it a "gentle whisper" or a "stirring" from the spirit. I'll call it exactly how it felt. 
     I'm driving down the freeway and a put in a worship album I had just stolen from my dads office (thanks dad). After about three songs of singing loudly in the car I suddenly can't keep my crap together. Not because musically it's the best, or it's my favourite artist with the butter smooth vocals, or the lyrics new or clever. I'm weeping in my car on the way to school because my soul has been dry, crying out for some truth. With one push of a button I had people singing scripture to me telling about His amazing promises and pouring out truth on me. 

Oh God of power, living Word 
The One who made the stars 
Who with Your glory filled the earth 
From dust made beating hearts 
You loved us when we fell away 
Poured mercy on our souls 
And promised grace would come to save 
To loose death’s iron hold

Oh God of promises fulfilled 
The God who took on flesh 
Who did all that the Father willed 
Was humbled unto death 
You bore our cross of sin and shame 
Endured our agony 
With gladness we now bear Your name 
And worship at Your feet 

Oh God, who surely guides our steps 
Through tempests and through trials 
Our Shepherd King, Your way is best 
Though tears now veil our eyes 
Your steadfast love, our perfect hope 
Our eyes are fixed on grace 
We have no doubt You’ll lead us home 
To finally see Your face 

So after this backhand slap I started thinking, and here is what I came to... 
    I love music, I love catchy melodies, and clever lyrics, and moody arrangements. Every morning the National wakes me up, and most nights Beck puts me to sleep. Friday's are special days full of T-Swift and Katy Perry. My car has become a radio station hub that plays the latest and the greatest.
    But here is the crazy thing- if you've ever been exposed to "that kind of christian" you've been warned. You know the older man that is warning you against the "dangers" of "worldly" music? Turns out he might be crazy legalist in many ways, but he just so happened to stumble on a extreme version of a valid problem, but came to the horribly wrong solution.
    My car ride to school wasn't me just "being emotional" or "having a hard day" yesterday was actually a great day. Yesterday, in my car was the Lord breaking through something as silly and non-important as music and saying, "Hey, I have something for you in this." 
     I haven't gone full legalist on you I promise. But I've decided for the rest of Summer I'm only listening to Christian music (sans the Beck concert I already have tickets for). I never thought I would say those words. I figure on the days I get so tired of it (and I will) I can pray or memorize scripture. I think the time spent in my car which is a good portion of my day, is a time that the Lord is claiming as His. If worship music can prep and prime my heart to see and look for what Christ is doing around me then it's well worth the listen. 

Something to think about?