September 23, 2013

Tell him you have a Saviour.

There is a fountain filled with blood
For those who stand condemned
The enemies accusing words
Say God will not defend
Tell him you have a Saviour
That Jesus paid it all
For sin there is a fountain filled with blood

Come, Come to the fountain
Stained by the fall Come and be clean
Come, His blood spilled for many
He will revive you, wash and redeem

And by that fountain's saving flow
We are renewed each day
The wellspring of our joy and hope
The current of His grace
It floods our hearts with wonder!
What kindness, oh what love!
Such mercy in that fountain filled with blood.

The blood of Jesus
Precious blood of Jesus
No other fount I know
It washed white as snow

Father it’s not new news that this world is broken, and we know the church is no exception from this. The church is a hospital for sick people, a shelter in the storm. At the point of conversion we do not stop sinning.  We are rather made painfully aware of our sin and beautifully aware of our Saviour. We begin the long process towards sanctification. So the church isn’t filled with perfect people, its filled with striving sinners. He’s committed to making us new, when he looks at us, he see’s sons and daughters, he doesn’t see sinners. But we are sinners, until that day when we are finally with him we will wrestle, we will hurt, we will fall. The invitation stands for you and for me, for the most wretched sinner, the outcast, the bitter, the wandering, the broken, the depressed, the lonely, the lost. Tell the enemy who’s calling you, taunting you, that you have a Saviour, that Jesus paid it all. Sinner, come to the fountain, come and be clean. 

[Copyright 2013 Words by Pat Sczebel and Nate Stiff, music by Pat Sczebel

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