August 13, 2013

Fact: the orange M&M's taste just as good as the brown ones.

I've started the daunting task of researching universities. Can't even say I'm really researching, more talking about researching. I never thought I'd be starring 4-5 years of post secondary in the face. That was never my plan.

I'm learning quite quickly, I can plan till the cows come home, and it means nothing. Another thing I'm learning, is that Jesus is enough. For today, tomorrow and whatever the future holds.

I was like most little girls, I watched Jennifer Lopez in "The Wedding Planner" I wanted to wear my mothers wedding dress and only eat the brown M&M's in hopes that my Matthew McConaughey would ride up on his scooter. But let's get real, my mom is 4ft 11in and I outgrew her wedding dress when I was 12. Lets also get real, the orange M&M's taste just as good as the brown ones. Life isn't a movie. It doesn't just fall into place it's messy and its unpredictable.

Jesus is sweeter then all my plans combined. He's more than enough. Jobs will end, relationships will never get easier, I'll fail exams or my program will be cancelled. But here's what I'm learning. Christ isn't waiting for you at a different version of you. He's not waiting for the 5 year plan to pan out. He's not holding out to see if you land that job or marry that guy. He's here, now, calling you to rejoice where you are.

[Delight yourself in the Lord and he will give you the desires of your heart” (Psalm 37:4).]

[“For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.” (Matthew 6:21)]

Fact: Every significant plan I've made in the past year has turned out completely opposite of what I planned.
Fact: There was sustaining grace to lead and guide me through all of it.
Fact: I'm called to rejoice where I am. I can only love Christ when this is happening.
Fact: Worrying, stressing and trying to force plans only clutter and distract your heart from its one call, it's one mission. To glory God and enjoy him forever.

[When Martha was frazzled with tasks, Jesus said that her “many things” were making her “anxious and troubled.” Only “one thing is necessary” (Luke 10:41-42).] Jon Bloom

I'm not saying don't prepare, I'm not saying don't plan. The scriptures praise the man who plans ahead. But how are you holding those plans? How dependent are you on them? What would happen if they don't turn out exactly how you want. Spoiler alert: They probably won't, and Jesus will still be enough.

So to the lonely single, Jesus is enough. To the jobless, Jesus is enough. To the overwhelmed mom, Jesus is enough. For the employee who hates their job, Jesus is enough. For the wanderer who doesn't know the next step, Jesus is enough.

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