March 16, 2012


[The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom; all those who practice it have a good understanding. His praise endures forever.]  Psalms 111:10

Oh LORD teach me what it means to fear you. Tonight I feel small and unworthy and incapable of coming to you. Lacking wisdom and certainty in how to approach your throne. But like the children in Matthew that you drew towards you I feel you bidding me come. Your calling me to come boldly before your throne of grace. Tonight this Psalm speaks so loudly to my weak, undeveloped, immature, lack of wisdom. Father, you triumph over my inability, you died for that immaturity. You sent your son to pay the price that could never be paid and to bridge the gap to you, the Father, so that I may come and worship. Tonight I'm pleading  for more and more of you. Reading through the tail end of the Psalms tonight I'm overwhelmed and undone by the repetitive compilation of stories of your faithfulness. 

LORD as I spend some specific time in the next day and a half to press into you I'm so aware of my weakness. But I know you give grace to the humble, strength to the weak, courage to the downcast and peace to the restless. I pray that it will be a time of quieting my soul and listening for your voice.  I pray it will be a time of acknowledging my dependance and desperation. I pray it would be a time of rich prayer. As I think about so many individuals you've put a weight on my heart to pray for, give me the words to pray and speak loudly to my soul. 

Thank you for your Holy Spirit and thank you that you are stronger then my stubbornness or my hard heartedness. Thank you for being faithful to get after my heart so I see my need to get after you. 

I come to you so aware that I can't come to you on my own. (or something like that right David?) So in your mighty and sovereign name, Amen. 

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