November 12, 2012

Leave the trifle.

"And you who have no money, come, buy and eat." (Isaiah 55) 

Let's put this into context. I don't like go to someone's house and not bring something. Dessert, bread, wine, something! I don't go to a formal party if I haven't had time to go home, get ready and change out of my jeans. I don't go to the store to buy dinner's ingredients without my wallet, and if I do, I angrily drive home and pick it up.

I think for most people, especially me, I feel like if I can't contribute or prepare in some way the invitation isn't as sweet. You get hung up on the details of how you're going to get, there, the dress you have to buy, the dessert you have to make. So what happens when you don't have money to buy the new dress, or time to make the fancy dessert? You obsess, worry, panic, and decide not to go. The invitation to the party isn't a joy anymore, it's a burden.

So often, this is how I feel about coming to the Lord. In my mind I feel like he's sending this invitation and expecting me to show up in a certain state. Cleaned up, patched up, and with a chocolate trifle in hand. This verse reminds me that I have nothing, and I'm supposed to come, buy and eat.

This invitation is greater and sweeter than any other invitation I've ever recieved. My loving father is saying, "I know you have nothing, I know you're bloody, broken, messy, poor, needy, and no matter how hard you try to cover that up I know who you are, and I want you to just come. There is spot reserved at the banquet hall, a place card with your name. Come boldly to my table and eat, don't waste yourself on things that leave you wanting. Come to me, humble yourself and experience rest."

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