September 10, 2012

minor and major needs for gospel

[Be still before the Lord and wait patiently for him; fret not.] Psalms 37:7

In the late 90's there was this boy band, they wrote this song, it was awful and unfortunately really, really, catchy. The chorus went, "Oop's I did it again", do I need to say more, or are you tracking?

Father that's where I'm at again, thinking, how in the world am I back here? When in reality I know exactly how I got where I am... In fact I know this road all too well. I don't know how to word it eloquently, but I know what I'm feeling and (by your grace) I know what I need. 

I'm feeling a little too much. I'm listening to those feelings a little too often. They are preaching lies and I'm soaking them in. Father stop me dead in my tracks, turn of my brain, turn off my fears, give me a sweet little thing called perspective and remind me specifically of the gospel. Wipe out the lies that I've willingly accepted, remind me of that you died for my sin and any guilt I feel is false guilt. Tune my heart to hear conviction and turn quickly to your abounding grace. 

Father for the days like today when I feel like saying, tag your in, remind me that you already are "in". I'm not in this alone, you've made the way possible. Thank you for hearing, and caring for meltdowns of minor and epic measures. 

[But I have trusted in your steadfast love; my heart shall rejoice in your salvation.] Psalms 13:5

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