March 22, 2011

Why I don't want to be hip.

I know you have all been anxiously awaiting my return (please note the sarcasm in my typed words.) Unfortunately this blog promises no great achievements, nor thousands of followers. I never have been very good at following rules, so please forgive the spelling errors and grammatical abominations. The resurrection of this no-name blog was brought about by desire to challenge my heart and head. To not accept the opinions of culture and to further pursue the truths of Christ. This brings me to the name of my blog, I saw this shirt a couple years ago in Urban Outfitters that had Obama's face on it. Just above the dear presidents head was a phrase that stuck with me, "It's hip to have an opinion." I won't even begin to talk about the irony in that statement being on a t-shirt in Urban. Unfortunately, for better or for worse, I cannot get that catchy little phrase out of my head. My desire for this blog is to be something more than a place to vomit my opinions. Opinions can be a cheap replacement for truth. I believe in a little something called truth and that might make me outdated or unhip (is that even a word?) but that's something I am willing to deal with. C.S Lewis wrote, "The most dangerous ideas are not the ones being discussed but the ones being assumed." I don't want to go through my life playing in the cultures tide pools of opinions when the ocean of truth is just up the beach. I don't want to be a person of opinions but of truth.

So I am taking a leap out there. Challenging myself to be faithful with something. Laying my fear of people reading what is in my head at the Fathers feet. In hopes that Christ might me glorified. I also want to have a ongoing 'thankful' list. Sometimes spiritual, sometimes not, but always from God and the thanks going to God. Romans 11:36 says "For from Him and through Him and to Him are all things. To Him be glory forever. Amen."

Thankful for...

1. Gods never changing love for me, because I am prone to wander and He is a solid foundation for my life.
2. Mini-wheats, because they are delicious and nutritious and now come even more mini version than before!

1 comment:

  1. So glad to read your voice :o)

    I hear you about cultural tide pools and the open ocean. I can get so caught up in tiny water holes when the vast open waves are calling.

    I am making my own list on my blog. Just posted #281 last night.

    Love ya girl!